Preparing for the future

planning for the future carrieloves

I’m hooking up with the B Bar again this month and for May the topic is:

What are you doing (now) to prepare for your future?

I’m investing in myself & my business to create a better future.

I do plan on growing my business over the next couple of years,  and I want to do that by creating more passive income. I have an Etsy shop that is currently my only source of passive income, but I’m researching other avenues, too. Maybe online courses (my INFJ personality would love that) or an eBook.

I’ve also been taking a couple of online courses to improve my coding & Adobe Illustrator skills.

I’ve joined a couple of different Facebook groups to connect with other designers, creatives, freelancers and makers like me. I love the community these groups offer.

Please take a moment to visit the other contributors…

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me and oscar

Postcards From The Rain Featurette

My long-time blog friend Lissa featured me on a new blog series she created called Get To Know Your Fellow Blogger. Go over and check it out, you’ll find some juicy information like a book recommendation, 7 favorite things, and how I came up with the name of my blog, plus lots more. And, in…

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Have you seen Daredevil on Netflix?

davedevil on netflix

Daredevil – available now I just finished up the first season of Daredevil on Netflix and it was … good. I thought it would be better, maybe I was expecting more, or I kept hoping that it would up it’s game… but it was okay. I was interested enough to finish all of the episodes…

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Know how your audience reads your blog

know who your blog audience is

When setting up and designing your blog it’s important to not just design for the browser that YOU typically use on a day-to-day basis – you also have to consider what browser & device your readers will be using. And, if your a designer, you need to know this about your client, as well as…

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50 Shades of Grey movie

Fifty Shades of Grey

Image Chuck Zlotnick via EW I finally watched the 50 Shades of Grey movie this past weekend and I didn’t hate it like I thought I would… or, like the media insisted I should. Which is good, because I’ve been a fan from the start, and when I say start I mean from the start…

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What is the right layout for your blog?

how to pick the right template for your blog content

I like to think I’m a minimalist when it comes to blog design and layouts… less is more. On my blog I have a two-column layout and on my design website it’s primarily a one-column layout-there are a few pages that have columns built in to separate and organize the content, but the site is…

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Choosing the right platform for your site

how to decide what platform to use for your site

A while back (2011) I participated in the 31 Days series and my contribution was 31 Days to a better blog design. Well now that I’ve removed a huge chunk of my blog posts, the 31 Days series included, I’m going to freshen up & update those older posts (because in the world of technology…

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Hello there, it’s been a while


I’ve been a little absent with blogging this past month. With the exception of one week mid-April when I posted 3 times… I’ve been infrequent, you could even say skimpy with posting. I didn’t do anything really fabulous like a tropical vacation, I’ve just been doing and coping with what life has been throwing our…

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