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the prytz family color story board 2015

My mom was long overdue for a blog refresh. It has been a little over 2 years (2013) since the last update and we all know how fast technology changes… there was some behind the scenes updating that needed to be done!

If you didn’t know, my mom has 6 different blogs! SIX! Four of those are custom domain names, too, she’s pretty fancy!

Over the years our goal has been to seamlessly combine all of them, yet keep them separate. They all look and feel relatively the same, but the header changes as you click between each blog – and of course the content changes, too. The navigation menu, with the links to the different blogs are all “F” words… because she’s funny like that.

prytz family blog design before 2015


  • Brand new VIBRANT color palette, fonts and graphics – a.k.a. new design!
  • Font awesome social media icons used the in sidebar, footer & post footer for sharing.
  • New custom pin it button for images.
  • I corrected each blog so that it now has it’s own Google Analytics ID.
  • Same for Feedburner – making sure that each blog was set up with it’s own feed (and activated!)
  • New Contact and Shop pages custom to her, too.
  • Added custom sharing icons below each post.
  • My mom is on Instagram now, so we updated her social media icons and added an Instagram feed widget, too.
  • Also updated is her Pinterest feed widgets – they feature a different board that relates to each different blog.
  • And, added a Facebook page plugin for her Facebook page.
  • Plus, lots of other little customizations throughout, check it out and let me know what you think.

prytz family blog design after 2015

Images: sea, tee, bike, stoneware, zebra, fronds

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