The Maze Runner


Going to the movies a couple weekends ago, that weekend I saw Divergent twice, I saw the trailer for The Maze Runner and was immediately hooked. Funny thing I learned about myself, it literally took a visual for me to become interested in reading the book. It had popped up numerous times in the recommended books for me on Amazon and I’d seen it other places, too, but was never inspired enough to buy it.

Want to know what hooked me? Okay, so here’s my confession, I not only read YA novels, but I also watch Teen Wolf on MTV. Oh, the horror you may say… well, it’s my guilty pleasure and I’m not apologizing. There are worse things after all. Anyways, as soon as I recognized Stiles, the quirky human sidekick on Teen Wolf, would be playing the lead (Thomas) in The Maze Runner I knew it was something I would be interested in.

The great part was that now that I had a person whom I could relate the main character to I think it made reading the books that much more enjoyable. I could translate the humor in the book to what it will be like in the movie… and folks, it’s going to be great. That’s my prediction at least.

And, when I say books, I mean I read the trilogy last week. It was really good!


Things I loved this week


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Cocorrina Typeface (I used it on the image) free font download and it’s so beautiful.

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Things I loved this week



Homemade dog treats – oh yes.

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Hello spring desktop and iphone wallpaper.

Happy weekend!

After Ever After – satire in high school

My son showed me this video last night that he said they watched in his English class in relation to the subject of satire. He prefaced it by asking “you know what satire is, right mom?” Puh-lease!

after ever after

Anyways, this kid Jon Cozart… is amazing.

And, if you’re not a Millennial can you even imagine watching YouTube videos in class? And for English? Those movies we used to watch in class (from two-three decades prior) on those old-timey projectors … I wonder what they did with all those things? Times they are a changing! For the better, in my opinion.