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Happy Tuesday… or, thank goodness Monday is behind us!

I’m really excited to share this new design project with you. One of my most recent designs was this logo created for Jannely at The Fashion Buffet. She has a wonderful fashion blog and wanted a logo that would reflect her style as well as incorporating the photo on the left & the use of graffiti. Instead of using the photo as-is I opted to use a couple of photoshop tutorials on how to turn photos into pop art and line art. It turned out amazing – and I can’t recommend Melissa Evans’ tutorials enough. The fonts I used are Fairbanks, Big Caslon Medium, and Shimmer Regular.

New premade templates and custom designs

The past couple of months have been busy for me. Which is really a blessing because the autumn and winter months have previously been slower months for business. I had a couple of IRL meetings with customers, which is so out of my comfort zone, but I know myself and instead of regretting not not making the commitment, I do & march myself out the door and show up! After all there’s that great quote “80% of success is showing up” by Woody Allen.

In addition to meeting customers I also added these new premade Blogger templates to my Etsy shop:

blog mood board

Demo // Purchase

blog mood board

Demo // Purchase

And, I worked with a lot of different custom design customers. Logos, blog designs, business cards, etc. it really ran the gamut these past couple of months… I even did a marketing card for a photographer – now that was something new & fun! Check out Carrie Loves Design Studio for all of the latest and greatest.

And, I’ve got this fabulous board on Pinterest for Blog Design ideas. Do you have one, too? They’re great for communicating your style with a designer. You know, in case you want to hire me for your next update. xo


Falling Up

As you may know, I am the very last person on Earth that you would want to take fashion advice from. The. Very. Last!

Honestly, I work from home, from the comfort of a home office, and some days I don’t even make it out of my pajamas. And, when I do it’s straight in to jeans and tees.  And, forget about makeup… I truly love makeup, but I swear I only stop to put it on maybe once a month for special occasions. That’s primarily because the effort to take it off properly and the threat of clogged pores is more frightening than showing my face in public sans makeup.

When Julep contacted me about getting my take on transitioning from summer to fall colors I thought “sure, I can do that!” But, then as I thought more about it my take on the whole transition is very elementary and not sophisticated at all. Seriously how interesting is shorts to jeans, short-sleeve tees to long-sleeve tees, and cotton pajamas to flannel pajamas? Not very, I know!

But, I do love me some nail polish… I even treat myself to mani/pedis about once a month or two. And, my favorites from their fall collection are Misti and Beverly. And, here’s how I would wear them if it interests you… or you know, if I worked with other humans and went out on date nights and crazy business like that. Yes, I’m not normal.


fashion: Sincerely Jules // glasses: Bonlook << I actually just bought these and am waiting for delivery!


Black & White via Free As Rain; Outfit via Seven Layer Charlotte.

So there you have it – my unsolicited fashion advice just for you!

I do have a nail love board and clothes love board over on the Pinterest… it’s the thought that counts, right?!



Instagrams September 2014


Last month I published a whopping two whole posts. For some reason I was in a slump… okay, a major slump! I thought about posting, I honestly did, but it never really happened.

The first two pictures are #tbt contributions to the Instagramosphere… the first we were in Hawaii for my sister’s wedding, and the 2nd was our first Christmas in NC. The rest are pictures from my impromptu trip to California. I didn’t let anyone tamp down my spontaneity, including myself, and booked myself a one-way flight, a room at my sisters, and went. I stayed for two and a half weeks and hung out with family including staying with my parents for a few days, too.

Thankfully most of my jet-lag has worn off and I’ll get back in to the posting on the blog. I have been very fortunate to be working on lots of custom designs, plus I have a premade Blogger template that I’ve just been sitting on… I really need to wrap that up and post it over on Etsy!

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All About That Bass

I love when musicians switch up and use classroom instruments with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. All kinds of awesome! Here’s Meghan Trainor performing “All About That Bass.”

If the video isn’t showing up in your reader you should definitely click over to the blog. You won’t be sorry!

Liked that? Here’s more of my favorite Jimmy Fallon moments.