A new way to edit Pins on Pinterest

editing pins on pinterest

Let’s say you’re on Pinterest (because what creative isn’t?) and have boards galore set up, but now you have a new idea for a new board that spins off of an existing board. In the past you would have to go through that original board and re-pin every single item you wanted on your new board. One at a time. Folks, if you done this you know it takes A LOT of precious time.

Now Pinterest gives us the ability to move groups of Pins to new or different boards. Oh yes they did.

Say you have a food board that’s gotten a little out of control huge, and you want to give your dessert and drink pins each a board of their own. Now you can move them all at once:

1. Go to any of your Pinterest boards

2. Click Move Pins

3. Select up to 50 Pins to move

4. Pick a new or existing board for them to go to

You can also copy Pins so they live on two different boards, or delete Pins if you’re in a serious clean-up mood.

Have you created any new Pinterest boards lately?

Things I loved this week #8

loved this week

It’s been a while (May 2014) since I’ve done a “things I loved this week” post, but felt the urge to share this week so I’m jumping back in. No promises on how regular it will be, but I really like putting together these posts, so I’ll take it one week at a time. Why…

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50% off sale all premade templates + add-ons

blog mood board

I just finished three new premade Blogger templates for my Etsy shop and thought what the heck let’s have a sale! Now through February 14th ♥ pick out any template (there’s 30 templates currently in the shop) + add-ons and use the coupon code ‘JANUARYLOVES’ for your discount. 50% OFF SALE now thru Valentine’s Day…

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21 Best Selling Beautiful Fonts for 97% off


Yes, I am now the proud owner of ALL of these gorgeous fonts! Some deals you just cannot pass up on and this my friends is one of them. Design Cuts has released their most recent deal – it’s a beautiful package full of script & calligraphy fonts. Swoon. Being the good ‘font whisperer’ I…

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American Sniper

american sniper

Do not miss out on American Sniper. It is so good! I fall a little bit in love with actors who go the distance for their characters (and our entertainment) by transforming themselves to ‘get it right’ and Bradley Cooper does exactly that. He bulked up, changed his appearance, voice & mannerisms so much so…

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