Temporary Fix: Pinterest RSS Widget plugin for WordPress

If you are using the Pinterest RSS Widget plugin for WordPress (up to version 2.2.4) your images may not be displaying in your sidebar… mine weren’t so I did a little bit of investigating. It turns out that Pinterest changed the URL of the RSS feed. If your Pinterest RSS plugin stopped working recently, this might be why. To fix, you’ll need to edit the pinterest-rss-widget.php file.

Change line 55 to
$pinsfeed = 'https://www.pinterest.com/'.$username.'/feed.rss';

and, Change line 57 to
else $pinsfeed = 'https://www.pinterest.com/'.$username.'/'.$boardname.'/rss';

That fixed mine!

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Add a custom contact form to Blogger in 5 easy steps

how to add custom contact form to blogger carrieloves

Sometimes the Contact Form gadget from Blogger does not always operate like it should. It’s glitchy. Sometimes it will work like a charm and other times it just falls flat and you never know if someone is trying to contact you. Also, it’s not customizable at all, if you wanted to add extra fields… well,…

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What to watch on TV: History, Reality & Comedy

hell on wheels on amc

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What to watch on TV: Supernatural

Halt & Catch Fire

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What to watch on TV: Drama and Cops

State of Affiars

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My Favorite Instagrammers


I’m participating with The B Bar’s monthly linkup answering the question “Who are your three favorite instagrammers and why?” It’s no secret that I love the Instagram… and now that I think on it I have replaced updating Facebook with a more personal Instagram. I also, love scrolling through and seeing everyone’s updates plus stalking…

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Do you get jet lag?


When I was younger I don’t think I was affected so much by jet lag, I could go anywhere and not suffer from any down time. But recently I’ve noticed it takes longer for me to get back to a normal schedule after traveling. We arrived home from California on Saturday, I had been there…

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