I have always had issues with my weight, well ever since puberty.  Actually, I didn’t have a “real” problem until I was in my 30’s, but I always thought I did.  And now that I am 40, well it’s just time to get serious.  And while I am not as brave as this lady and I know for sure I’ll never be a runner, it’s this lady that has really inspired me.  I have been following her progress (and her lovely creations) all year.

So, I started NutriSystem today.  The gigantic box of a month’s worth of food arrived yesterday and my daughter has already rummaged through it all and claimed things as hers.  Also, I mistakenly left the box of food on the floor (it’s actually 2 boxes inside a bigger box) and during my shower Lucy chewed through a carton of cereal.  So, while I should have only eaten 3 meals today, 5 are gone.

But, that’s not my point, the point is I am hungry.  And I know I will be for about a week, until my body adjusts to my new food portions.  But being hungry sucks.  Big.  Time.



  1. Jan says:

    Good for you and good luck with the hunger. You can do it!!

  2. -Ann says:

    Good luck. My thoughts are with you on this as I can totally relate to weight issues.

    Don’t know how nutrisystem works, but are you allowed to eat vegetables? Raw vegetables are my lifesavers.

  3. sealaura says:

    Good luck Carrie! It does get harder as we get older. I’m trying to cram more exercise in, hopefully with the cooler temps it will be easier. And by cooler I mean in the the low 90s here in South Texas! Keep us updated! I find that when I talk about my goals, I hold myself more accountable.
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