I have always had issues with my weight, well ever since puberty.  Actually, I didn’t have a “real” problem until I was in my 30’s, but I always thought I did.  And now that I am 40, well it’s just time to get serious.  And while I am not as brave as this lady and I know for sure I’ll never be a runner, it’s this lady that has really inspired me.  I have been following her progress (and her lovely creations) all year.

So, I started NutriSystem today.  The gigantic box of a month’s worth of food arrived yesterday and my daughter has already rummaged through it all and claimed things as hers.  Also, I mistakenly left the box of food on the floor (it’s actually 2 boxes inside a bigger box) and during my shower Lucy chewed through a carton of cereal.  So, while I should have only eaten 3 meals today, 5 are gone.

But, that’s not my point, the point is I am hungry.  And I know I will be for about a week, until my body adjusts to my new food portions.  But being hungry sucks.  Big.  Time.



  1. -Ann says

    Good luck. My thoughts are with you on this as I can totally relate to weight issues.

    Don’t know how nutrisystem works, but are you allowed to eat vegetables? Raw vegetables are my lifesavers.

  2. says

    Good luck Carrie! It does get harder as we get older. I’m trying to cram more exercise in, hopefully with the cooler temps it will be easier. And by cooler I mean in the the low 90s here in South Texas! Keep us updated! I find that when I talk about my goals, I hold myself more accountable.
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