The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Custom Slipcovers ~ The eBook

My friend Kristi is one of the craftiest people I know – besides that, you just can’t beat her knowledge of all things slipcover. She has shared her craftiness with me by “bartering” her wares for my design services as well as inviting me into her home and letting me have a peek at her world of creativity.

Over the past couple years she has shared a tutorial, unlimited knowledge and love about slipcovers. A couple months ago she even helped me slipcover my couch and loveseat – it’s simply amazing!

With all of the questions surrounding the mystery that is a slipcover – ladies, it seems a daunting task if you jump right in, but with a little guidance it’s not so difficult – Kristi is sharing her slipcover know-how in an eBook letting you in on the innermost workings of how to make your very own custom slipcover.

There are tons of detailed pictures because if you’re a visual learner you need to SEE how it’s done.

So…here it is and you know you’re dying to be conversant in how to sew those inside corners of the frame together! I am a self taught custom slipcover-er. I learned through trial and error and hopefully this book will give you the in’s and out’s so you won’t have to waste fabric like I have or other mishaps I’ve made. I really just want you to benefit from my mistakes and encourage you that you CAN do it! You can make a slipcover even with the most very basic sewing skills. You can have a new sofa for a pint-sized price. If you want to update your home for spring, this is the most economical and dramatic change you can make! — Kristi of Pink and Polka Dot

Kristi is also sharing her success with you by setting up an Affiliate option for her eBook – for every purchase you refer she’ll pay you 20% of the sale! Sweet.

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