8 creative uses for rubber bands

1. Photo collage with a painted white frame with hot pink rubber bands.

2. Rubber bands to keep the clothes ON the hanger!

3. Rubber bands make it easier to grip a chilly or slippery glass.

4. Placing a wide rubber band inbetween the stripped screw and the screw driver can sometimes help give enough grip to remove a slightly stripped screw head.

5. Place a rubber band around the open can so you can wipe the excess paint off the brush and not the side of the can every time you dip. This keeps the can’s lip clean no build up of paint to have to clean up.

6. Rubber band seam allowance guide.

7. Marshmallow catapult using a tissue box, rubber bands, pencil and a milk lid.

8. Cardboard guitar with rubber bands and split pins.

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  1. lissa says

    great ideas. I remember seeing a ‘spy kids’ movie in which a rubber band was used for something but for some reason, I cannot what it was. suppose, I need to a rubber band to keep my thoughts intact.

    have a sweet day.
    lissa recently posted..A thousand dreams of youMy Profile


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