The sweeter side of the blog world

There are so many great things out there in the blog world. And, not only blogs, but the infinite resources that go hand-in-hand with blogging like Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, conferences, meet-ups, road trips, new business ventures, the list only ends with your imagination.

I’ve read I Am Bossy since I first discovered the blog world and watched and read as her eclectic, bohemian, super intelligent family grew… Just this weekend she posted a video her daughter created that is all kinds of creative awesomeness.

Just this morning I found this little guy over at A Cup Of Jo and I am a sucker for anything with rabbit ears.

He already sold from the time I saw him in my reader to when I created this post. (Ah, the power of blogs!)

Lisa Leonard is giving away two $50 gift certificates to Cakies’ readers and is also offering 20% discount to The Nester’s readers (she probably has a bunch more promos going on, but this is what I came across this morning.)

Ashley’s staircase renovation leave’s me speechless.

This Dutch graphic designer’s website is crazy amazing! I’m serious, just scroll down the front page and see what I mean. I found them via Noupe.

I also found the site I Dig Durham via Noupe this morning, too! Love how they state that from the sales of their t-shirts “all proceeds will be donated to Urban Ministries of Durham, minus a small portion which will be donated to Fullsteam Brewery (in exchange for beer).” How’s that for honesty.

Pointless Corp., the web designers behind I Dig Durham, also are behind a whole host of interesting/pointless/webcentric sites… check ’em out.

My cousin & (hopefully permanent) massage therapist connected with me on LinkedIn this weekend. It’s all about the networking!

Jeff Newsom will forever be a favorite photographer of mine. His pictures are magical.

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