happy Friday served up with some links

julieannart get naked valentine card

It’s never to early too get naked plan for Valentine’s Day.

This chicken looks really delicious and simple to make.

This drive-thru prank is beyond hilarious.

You should start a book club.

Adrienne shared a super cute doodle font you’ll want to download for FREE!

Alycia is making crochet how to videos and sharing invaluable advice on how to get a job in today’s unfriendly market.

This house is casual beach perfection… I want to live there. BAD.

DIY – How to wax your girl bits and not glue them together.

Kelli shares how to go Platinum… I needed a change, and when I sent my stylist that link, she talked me down from the ledge and we went with “highlights & breaking the base”, instead. That’s stylist’s speak for I have Reese Witherspoon blonde hair now – I haven’t been this blonde since I left California and couldn’t be happier.


Happy Weekend!

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