dont let anyone ever dull your sparkleI created a Society6 account about 5 months ago and kind of forgot about it. Until they sent me a much larger than normal deposit from recent orders.


It’s not a huge amount of monies, we’re talking under $150, but when you consider I only make about $3 on each sale… that’s a whole lotta business! I dusted off the cobwebs of my account – I had to reset the password because after exhausting all the usual suspects, I just gave up.

I have a few graphics in my shop, mainly for iPhone cases, but the best seller (ahem, only seller) is the “Don’t let anyone EVER dull your Sparkle” and it’s sold both iPhone cases and art prints!

I’m just wowing myself over here.

Oh, another random thing that makes me happy, visiting new to me blogs and seeing a set of my free social media icons in their sidebar… it gives me a warm happy feeling that just can’t be beat.

Have you had any pleasant surprises lately? Please share the love!

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Come and get it!

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    Dude! It feels GREAT to make a sale, no matter how much you get out of it, for real. I have a zazzle shop, and I know it’s not all that and a bag o’ chips, but it still feels RAD. lol. Congratulations! I really need to work on some stuff for my shop, but I am feeling slightly un-inspired. And that sucks. lol.

    I lurve your social icons. :)
    Adrienne recently posted..Coffee Talk with Miss Nat!My Profile

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    Don’tcha just love it when you get paid and have no idea where it came from?! It’s kinda like finding a 20 dollar bill in your jeans haha! I’m really liking the don’t bring me down image, it’s really adorable. I’m going to pimp your account on my FB and see if you get more monies LOL!!

    I’m considering using your social icons on my blog cause text links just aren’t as cute as your icons!
    Ariana Reed recently posted..TOTB WEEK 9 – First Blog Hop of 2013!My Profile

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