The Pack


Eleven o’clock in the morning and not a care in the world.

I’ve covered this before, but just to be clear, I live with six dogs. Three boys & three girls. They are their own little pack, and do almost everything together… eat, go outside, sunbathe indoors, dig holes craters in our backyard, with plans of escaping under the fence, follow me everywhere – even into the loo (I love that word & wish us Americans would use it more), everything – except where they spend the night.

During the night, we split them up between the four of us so us humans will still have a place to lay our heads. Case in point, that Beagle will sleep on your head because she likes sleeping on pillows. And, all the dachshunds burrow under the covers, and have learned to be super quick about it – sneaking under just as you’re lifting the covers to get in. The Jacks are content just to have a spot anywhere on the bed, but the oldest is most happy alone in his laundry basket/bed.

Back to that pack mentality, yesterday I was strolling downstairs (my office is upstairs) with out a care in the world when my klutz feet did a little jig and left me butt bumping my way down a some steps. I came to an agonizing and mortifying halt about 1/2 way down. And, holy hell if I didn’t land in the wet vomit spot one of the dogs gifted me the day before – still wet because I saturated it with my miracle cleaner – Oxyclean + warm water. But, luckily I was hanging on to the rail, and even though it prevented a full out tumble to the bottom, it definitely tweaked a few things in my back. Not to gloss over the rug burn on my arm and ginormous bruise on my ass. And, as per usual, I had an audience of six surrounding me the whole way – they even stopped when I did (abruptly), taking a moment to scratch an itch & kiss my face.

The bumpy ride down, I had exactly two thoughts… Seriously?!?! And, dammit if I’m not out of Vicodin.

We eventually made it downstairs, and it only took a 1/2 hour to muster up the nerve to go back up the stairs.

Today I’m seriously considering moving my office downstairs… we’ll see.

Happy hump day!

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