Happy flippin Friday!

Yes, I know I’m the last one on this boat, but here’s to sharing anyways! Chicken and waffles… this is something I still have to try.

We’ve all heard the hysterical goats yelling like humans, but how about some humans yelling like goats yelling like humans. -funny!

Evolution Of Mom Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama!) Another reason I heart Jimmy Fallon.

Homemade coffee creamer – 3 ways!

7 Posts To Read If You Want To Kick Ass On The Internet.

Thinking about creating a media kit? The Nubby Twiglet shares!

9 houses built out of spite. People are crazy stubborn.

And, my favorite pins this week:

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  1. says

    Don’t worry, I’m relatively new to the food pairings too. It’s pretty dang awesome!

    I was wondering, how do you crop your pictures to be different shapes, like the honeycomb here? I have Photoshop, but haven’t been able to figure this out yet.
    You always put together such pretty posts : ]

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