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Chances are if you have multiple dogs you will have multiple foods. That is unless you go with one breed & have dogs all about the same age, then you’re golden! With multiple dogs, you can’t just leave a bowl full of food out for them because that would be chaos, blood & fur everywhere.

So, our pups eat twice a day, once in the morning at 6am when we get up to start our day… they start with the “we’re so happy we know what time it is – wake the heck up” dance at about 5am. They each have their allotted serving of food – depending on size and diet we have an entire set of measuring cups devoted just for them. And, they each have their own bowl, labeled in Sharpie with their names. We dish them up and make them sit still before they are given the command/permission to eat. Then all is well until about 2pm when they start gearing up for the 3pm feeding.

Three of our five dogs are dachshunds and if there are any dachshund readers out there you know how special they are! They are susceptible weight gain and their bone & joint strength is something you need to keep on your mind, too, seeing as how they have those short legs, long back and an unnerving need to fly off of furniture.

Our dachshunds are so special, two of the four foods are for them… Lucy (in picture) is prone to crystals in her bladder so she’s on the Urinary SO food. She also has “the golden poop” because all the other dogs think she poops filet mignon, so she gets half a Stool NO! with every feeding. The other two, Oscar & Simon, are on the Dachshund 28.

Darla, our senior Jack Russell Terrier, is on Mini Aging +12. And, Sophie our daughter’s beagle, is our only normal dog and she is on Medium Adult 25.

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Chances are, and your chances do increase with every dog you have, you’ll have at least one dog with special needs. But, that’s part of being a dog parent, you take the good with the bad.

p.s. I wish Royal Canin would sponsor us… but alas, our dogs just love their food.

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    I think it’s awesome that you have five furkids. I have five myself. I feed my kids with the same system you have. Everyone has to sit and wait for me or my husband to give the command to grub. We let the two Chihuahuas go at it cause they’re not very bright Lol But the Jack Russell, Shepherd Mix, and Boxer all have to be walked to the plate. What’s cute is that once they sit near the plate, I say “Beso” and until they give me a kiss on the cheek they can’t eat :] I should totally record that and post it. Lol!
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