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For many years, we can go as far as saying decades even, I’ve gone directly to a salon expert when it came to coloring my hair. Why? Well, when it comes to my hair I’m adventurous… it is just hair after all and it will grow back – at least in my case I’m lucky enough to have this be so. So being the spontaneous/adventurous person that I am I have lots of “color catastrophe experience” under my proverbial belt. Mostly, it’s the different shades of blonde that give me the most grief, always coming out a shade of orange or green that’s very unattractive. Leaving me no choice but to go running into the arms of a professional to get undone what I did.

The past couple of weeks have been iffy in the communication department between myself & my current salon expert, so when I saw an ad on the Facebook (you know they have ads smack dab in the middle of your feeds now right?) for color services at eSalon 1/2 off, I decided to take a look at what they had to offer. I read somewhere that salon professionals were upset, saying that with eSalon offering salon quality products and services at a discounted price would put them right out of business. I don’t think this is true, but in my case I did convert.

eSalon provides completely personalized hair color for home use. Each color is custom blended for you, just like in a salon, and made of high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients that leave your hair soft, shiny, and provide complete gray coverage. The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it’s made for you and no one else.

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I filled out the form on their site, I needed to color my roots – about an inch worth, and brighten up the rest of the length. Within 4 days eSalon sent me everything I needed plus detailed instructions on how to color my hair. I am super happy with the results, though taking pictures of myself and posting them on the web is still not my favorite thing in the world, this is me without a trace of makeup on, but I thought I would just in case anyone needed a visual. This is literally the best blonde self color job I’ve ever done (and there’s been lots.)

I’m not being compensated in any way by eSalon, I just really loved their product & service and wanted to share. But, the links to their site in this post will give me credit towards future purchases – if you don’t want to use those links, use this one instead, no worries.

Outtakes: the hazards of using the timer function on my camera – my own personal photo bomber!

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  1. says

    Looking lovely.
    I have had some coloring debacles myself.
    There was the time I wanted to try something different, and ended up with Campbell Soup Label Red. Fortunately that was a temporary rinse.
    My adventures with Black Velvet and blonde highlights were with the permanent stuff.

  2. says

    looks great! if only I’m as brave as you in hair coloring. then again, I’ve never been to a hair dresser, so I have no clue how it all works anyway.

    hope you have a great day.
    lissa recently posted..FlyMy Profile

  3. Sharjah web design says

    Nicely designed site Carrie I stumbled here via another post, please drop by our site for some inspirations and lovely set of hair also ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

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