The Walking Dead season 4

the walking dead

Are you ready to see the crazy madness that awaits us in the fourth season of The Walking Dead? AMC just released the trailer that they premiered at Comic-Con, and it’s amazing! As you’ll see things get incredibly intense, really emotional, too. Lots new characters and as always lots of Walkers. Now watch the bloody trailer – and let me know if it looks like those Walkers are “organizing” to you, too, or if you think it’s a human up to no good.


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    I found your blog through the NC blogger link up. I saw your first post was The Walking Dead and your second post was Orange is The New Black and you have a Nerd DIY section so we should be friends.

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    Thanks for sharing the trailer…I hadn’t seen it! I’m so scared something is going to happen to Daryl I can barely stand it lol! I’ve read the comics and actually hope that they don’t follow it too closely. I found it hard to “like” the characters in the comics.
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