Things I do every day

There are some things, I may or may not be ashamed to say, I do not do every day… like sometimes I skip over a shower for a quick freshen up at the sink which involves washing my face, moisturizing, brushing my teeth, and a bobby pin here & there to tame the waves and reduce the appearance of greasy 2nd day hair. Or, sometimes I don’t make meals, since I’m practically single most days & nights, I tend to graze rather than preparing full meals. But for the most part I’m a creature of habit and like order and routines.


Here’s a list of the things I do every day:

  1. Coffee, cannot function without a cup of coffee or tea.
  2. Check my inbox to get a grip on what’s happening for the day.
  3. Breakfast, usually cereal or toast + another cup of coffee.
  4. At this point I either go back to my computer to start my work day or take the plunge and decide whether I’m going to shower or not (see above paragraph.)
  5. Get dressed – there’s actually been some days that I’ve worn my p.j.’s all day long so I thought it was important to include this otherwise no-brainer thing. And, if I do wear my pajamas all day I’ll switch out to a new pair at bedtime… I’m weird!
  6. And, I’m working.
  7. Squeeze in something for lunch, if I’m lucky one of my girlfriends invites me out to the land of the living and we share lunch and gossip at one of the local restaurants.
  8. Back to working.
  9. My evenings are either high school soccer games or running errands like grocery shopping, cleaning the house, etc. I’m lucky that I can run laundry while I’m working! Quick breaks make it easy to wash, dry and fold.
  10. Then it’s either the latest and greatest on TV or a good book!
  11. Oh, almost forgot the dogs, they get fed at 6am and 3pm every day and will not let you forget it! they even start and hour early with the whine & dance routine.

Yep, I’m really pretty boring.

How about you, what do you do every day?

Check out an up-to-date list of the lists and all of my lists, too.

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  1. Eva says

    Hello! What a lovely day šŸ˜€ I have a question (I couldn’t comment on the how to center stuff post :( ). I want to give a left value to my blog posts, so that they aren’t centered and fit in my design (if I make the browser screen smaller, everything’s messed up). Do you know which code I could type or something? I hope you understand what I mean haha :) Your blog is lovely!

  2. says

    sounds productive. I hardly get anything done and I’m in a office with other people. I check my email every morning too which I think is sometimes a mistake because you can get distracted if it’s not work-related.

    hope you have a sweet day.
    lissa recently posted..VanishedMy Profile

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