Things I would like to find in a thrift store

thrift shop

My friend Kristi took me to my first thrift store a few years back. I was 40-something before I ever considered going in to one, but she always seemed to find all these great things, for next to nothing. But, here’s the thing about thrift shopping – you’re not always going to find something, you need to accept that; and you need to get over the musty smell that hovers in every store, it’s not going anywhere. Once you accept these two things, you’re bound to find a gem every now and then.

Here are some of the things I would like to find in a thrift store:

  1. Pieces of my wedding china
  2. Great pair of jeans
  3. Bar cart
  4. Paintings (larger the better)
  5. Mirrors (larger…)
  6. Nice coat
  7. Rubies… I would LOVE to find a nice piece of jewelry, but I think I would need a pawn shop for something like that
  8. Coffee table books (right?!)
  9. Dressers or chest of drawers – I love using these around the house for storage. And, if you can’t keep it, you can always slap a coat of paint on it and up-sell it on CraigsList.

Check out an up-to-date list of the lists and all of my lists, too.

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    We find great things when we go. My husbands cousin Sally takes us “junking” with her when we visit her in Pittsburgh. We always score, she knows some great places to go. I think the best part is the commentary on items. She has a dry sense of humor that leaves me in stitches! Good luck finding treasures!
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