Cashew Chicken


I’ve all but given up on making dinners for my family. I’m always home, but they aren’t – their lives are full & busy and sitting down for dinner isn’t always practical or a priority. And I don’t like to make a full dinner only to stick in in Tupperware and hope that my leftover phobic family [me included!] will eat it later.

All of us didn’t even eat this dinner all together, but it was so good everyone did eventually eat and it was gone before midnight. I know this because the Tupperware was in the sink this morning, waiting to be cleaned. [sigh.]

I made quick honey ginger pineapple summer veggie chicken stir fry with caramelized cashews that I found on the Pinterest last night for dinner – and it was as good as it looks. Well, hold that thought, it was a little salty because I couldn’t find any raw cashews at the store, my choices were salted and lightly salted, and even though I went with the lightly salted, the nuts portion was too salty. Thinking back, I should have rinsed them off before I used them (next time!) But, luckily it was broken down in to parts – nuts, chicken, vegetables & rice, so you could control how much of each you got of each.

The prep time is not so quick, what with all of the chopping, mincing, dicing and shredding, but once you got to the cooking it all went pretty quickly after that. I think the fact that I used all fresh ingredients is what made it a hit with the family.

Image via Half Baked Harvest.

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    Erm…wow! That looks nothing short of delicious. Will definitely be keeping a copy of the recipe and trying it out in the near future :) It is a shame that you have not been able to have a proper family dinner in a while…maybe book a certain Saturday or Sunday night a week in advance so that everyone has time to reschedule their plans? I really do hope you get to have the dinner you want :)

    Mo x
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