2011 I’m through with you.

What a craptastic year this has been. Obviously it hasn’t all been terrible, but sometimes when it rains it pours so much it’s difficult to focus on the good. I try not to be a Debbie-downer on my blog, but sometimes it’s all you got, you know?

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this economy sucks & we’re past due for a change!

We lost our biggest source of income, only to be able to replace it with a fraction of what it was, but fortunate enough to be able to find work & replace it all.

We’re set to lose another source of income this coming January and we’re scrambling to find a decent replacement for that, too.

Have you ever been late for a payment before? It’s like having pit bulls attack you… they never let up. We’d never been late before and I kid you not they utilize a 24/7 attack system designed to catch you or drive you insane… whichever comes first.

I am optimistic for 2012. I am hopeful that this year will grant us a turning point in our careers & subsequently our finances and general well-being.

So as not to be a complete negative nut I want to share some of the things that I’m thankful for:

  • My family both near & far
  • My dogs, because they truly are your best friends
  • Blog friends – you know who you are!
  • and, My IRL friends – without you I would be a that crazy dog lady who never changed out of pajamas, nor left her house
  • Kindle ebooks (instant downloads = instant gratification)
  • Coffee – made in my kitchen or in a coffee shop, both are equally wonderful and best shared with a friend
  • The powerful mood changer that is Valspar paint – painting a room can change your entire outlook!
  • Pinterest for all of it’s loveliness and inspiration
  • My back being pretty darn agreeable these last few months
  • Netflix via our Wii #nintendoenthused
  • My new love of ‘thrifting

My resolutions for 2012:

  • To look forward
  • Be kind to my body
  • Refurbish & redesign my livelihood
  • and, Be a better friend

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Happy Mother’s Day

My mom a really long time ago

My mom & dad before I was a twinkle in their eye


My mom & dad at a Storm baseball game - her homemade necklace - beautiful!

My mom, me & my sis.

My mom!

All images shamelessly stolen from my mom’s blog.

Happy Mother’s Day!