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CSS and HTML code bloggers should know - Carrie Loves Blog

Blogger’s Guide to HTML and CSS

Before we get started with all of the coding goodies, please make a backup of your site and/or file! The Differences between HTML and CSS HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML tells your browser what to display and deals with the content and structure. CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet.

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How to pick a blog platform - Carrie Loves Blog

Choosing the right platform for your site

  What is a blogging platform, anyways? A blogging platform is a CMS (content management system). So, first off, even before you think about your design you need to pick where you’re going to blog. Like a lot of people I started off on Blogger/Blogspot and then moved over to

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How to make all Blogger post images the same size - Carrie Loves Blog

How to make all post images the same size

One of my favorite sites I bookmark for code snippets was down today (insert curses here) and I was back to square one with finding out how to do something… that something was making all of the images in Blogger posts the same size… with the exception of the Pinterest

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