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Font Faves Shorelines - Carrie Loves Blog

Font Loves free handwritten fonts

  Handwritten fonts are fun to use, especially when they have brushed appearance. And, overlapping, love when fonts overlap – I think that has something to do with what’s called kerning, but I could be wrong. Shorelines // Miama // LaPointe’s Road // Anabelle // Beast of Avalon

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Font Faves Script - Carrie Loves Blog

Font Loves free script fonts

Script fonts are always fun to work & experiment with. And, luckily, there are more and more good quality fonts being offered all the time. Here are a few of my favorite free script fonts right now. 1. Xiomara // 2. Dragon is Coming // 3. Maratre // 4. Quickier

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Font Faves KG Eyes Wide Open - Carrie Loves Blog

Font Friday // KG Eyes Wide Open

This Friday’s font is KG Eyes Wide Open by Kimberly Geswein. I used it in one of my most recent premade Blogger templates Grace & The Ocean as a part of the header. The scrolly ‘and’ is from a different font Trend HM.   You can download any of the

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Font Faves Admiration Pains - Carrie Loves Blog

Fabulous Font Friday // Chalkboard

Appleberry Admiration Pains Dead Secretary Adrienne Rose Doodle – not available Blackboard Chalkline Chalk Hand Lettering Grutch Shaded Drunk Tattoo Janda Apple Cobbler Janda Safe and Sound Just Skinny Made With B Kraft Nine Positiv A Sign Handwriting Simon Script Sketch Book vtks Rascunho Errado Lovely fonts for your chalkboard

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