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Genesis Author Pro how to add more buttons - Carrie Loves Blog

Genesis Author Pro how to add more buttons

Yesterday I ran into a conundrum with the Genesis Author Pro plugin – currently it only allows for three buttons. Well, as book reviewers and book authors know, you need MORE buttons when you are presenting a book to your readers for buying options. The usual suspects are Amazon, Barnes

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How to add a scroll to top button to your site - Carrie Loves Blog

How to install a Scroll To Top button

WordPress Install this plugin – WPFront Scroll Top. Blogger Here’s your hack: 1. Log on to your Blogger blog, go to Template > Edit HTML > search for the <head>  just below/after the <head>  tag place this bit of code:

* you may already have a jquery script in your blog’s

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How to remove the grid loop from your Genesis theme - Carrie Loves Blog

Remove the Grid Loop from WordPress theme

With the updates to WordPress and Genesis themes I was no longer in love with the grid loop, that fancy code that turned some or all of your posts in to teasers – shortened text with a thumbnail image. With the updates it changed things and I wanted it gone,

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