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CSS and HTML code bloggers should know - Carrie Loves Blog

Blogger’s Guide to HTML and CSS

Before we get started with all of the coding goodies, please make a backup of your site and/or file! The Differences between HTML and CSS HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML tells your browser what to display and deals with the content and structure. CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet.

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The differences between and - Carrie Loves Blog vs.

What is hosts for you, for free. It provides a quick and hassle-free option. Simply register an account, choose your site name, then select the theme design and launch your site. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspects as takes care of all of that.

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How to pick a blog platform - Carrie Loves Blog

Choosing the right platform for your site

  What is a blogging platform, anyways? A blogging platform is a CMS (content management system). So, first off, even before you think about your design you need to pick where you’re going to blog. Like a lot of people I started off on Blogger/Blogspot and then moved over to

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Setup WordPress in 3 easy steps - Carrie Loves Blog

How to start a website or blog

I’m guessing you have this extra special talent that you’d like to share with the world. But, instead of sharing on a global level you’re sharing with your friends and family. And, I know that at least a few of them have said to you “you should start a blog”

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WordPress plugins I use and love - Carrie Loves Blog

WordPress plugins I love and use

Akismet (free) This plugin is invaluable to a self-hosted WordPress site if you don’t like spam. If you like having your inbox swamped with spam emails then please disregard this plugin. You do need to link this to a account (I’m never very good at explaining this to my

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How to create an app icon - Carrie Loves blog

How to create an iOS App Icon

Did you know you can give your blog its very own app icon for iPhones and iPads? It only takes a few minutes and it makes your blog look really professional & important when it’s saved on a user’s home screen. Above is my iPhone’s home screen, you can see

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