Nine reasons to stop using Linktree for Link in Bio

Are you using LinkTree for your “Link in Bio” on Instagram or other social media platforms? If you are, please stop. There’s an easy solution around this. In this article I am going to explain why LinkTree for Instagram is 1) losing you leads, 2) tarnishing your brand and 3) just plain bad marketing.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a third party app that people use to basically get around the “one link” rule for Instagram bios. Linktree lets you create a landing page where you can add multiple links. Then, in turn, add that one Linktree landing page link to your Instagram profile. Sounds ideal, right?

Here’s why I don’t think Linktree is right for your link in bio page:

  1. It sacrifices your branding: The free version only has a handful of color schemes that likely do not fit your branding so you are not creating a cohesive brand experience from the get-go.
  2. That Linktree logo at the bottom of the page: The free version also has the Linktree logo on the bottom.
  3. This isn’t your URL: The link to your Instagram profile is a Linktree link like – this takes away from your branding and creates an extra step to actually making it to your website.
  4. No website promotion: You are missing out on an opportunity to link directly to your website on your Instagram bio.
  5. Will this link always be there for you?: Linktree links could be banned and/or marked as spam by Instagram at any time with no notice – leaving you with a broken link on your Instagram bio. This has happened before as recently as July, 2018 when Instagram temporarily recognized Linktree as against community standards.
  6. No personalization or welcome message: Linktree doesn’t give you the option to add photos or a little bio on your landing page for people to get to know you more.
  7. It can cost money: The pro version of Linktree allows you to customize your color scheme and add a short description in addition to some other features – for a monthly fee. As an entrepreneur every penny counts and you could be doing the same thing for FREE on your own website.
  8. Lower page ranking (hurts your SEO): Every time a person clicks the link in your Instagram bio is an opportunity to boost your own website page ranking. By using Linktree, you are giving away this ranking to them instead.
  9. No analytics tracking: 3rd Party apps like Linktree give you no easy/free way to track analytics and figure out if your links are converting. This means no data for your Facebook Pixel or Google Tags Manager (if applicable.)

What you should use instead of Linktree

Okay, so now let’s talk about what to do instead of using the Linktree Instagram 3rd party app that does you, your business and your brand no service…

Create a landing page on your own website or blog!

This is the most simple, reliable, and FREE work around (I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it.)

All you need is a mobile friendly website (if you don’t have that already, I would be more concerned with getting that sorted ASAP!) a blank page, some buttons and a header!

This is fun too, because you can really style it however you like, it is YOUR website after all, so you have complete creative freedom here!

  • Create a new page called “Instagram”, “Links”, or “Hello” – something relevant and short to link to. Remember you and others may be manually typing this into a web browser at some point so keep it simple.
  • On the new page add a bio image, or your logo, at the top of the page and link it to your website.
  • Add your buttons.
  • Hit the Publish button.
  • Update the link in your Instagram bio and voilà! You’re all set.

Going the extra mile:

  • Consider removing the header and footer sections from your website on this page only so that is less busy with all of your normal website elements. This can be done with either a bit of code or if you’re using a page builder this should be one of the options for the page layout.

Have a question about setting up your new landing page, or if you’d like to hire me to do it for you – contact me here.

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